Global Brand Protection

Maintenance & Light Repair

Ford OE filters, oils, and other maintenance products are specifically engineered to provide optimal service to Ford vehicles. Use of counterfeit maintenance products may put undue wear and tear on your engine, shortening the life and performance of your vehicle. Examples of maintenance products include parts such as:

  • Filters (e.g., air, fuel, oil)
  • Chemicals (e.g., coolants, engine cleaners, bonding adhesives)
  • Lubricants (e.g., motor oil, greases, brake fluid)

Oil and Fuel Filters

Some of the most commonly counterfeited parts are those which are most frequently replaced, including light repair components such as fuel and oil filters. These filters prevent premature engine wear and failure by removing impurities from your oil and fuel such as carbon, sand, dirt and metal.

Counterfeit filters may have poor filtering elements that can be made from old rags, perforated food cans, and other materials. This could cause engine problems to your vehicle such as allowing sediments and particulates to pass through the fuel supply causing your engine to hesitate, stall, or even catastrophic failure. Some counterfeit filters have even been found to melt at a certain temperature.

Left:  As you can see, counterfeit filter elements are shorter, providing less filtration area. Also notice that the pleats are crushed, indicating that the element has been overly compressed within the filter casing.

Left:  This counterfeit filter has very little adhesive glue.

Left:  In this comparison of filter casings, notice that the counterfeit casing has rust forming on the inside.

Chemicals and Lubricants

Genuine Ford and Motorcraft chemicals and lubricants are specifically engineered to provide optimal service to Ford vehicles. Counterfeit motor oils, greases, adhesives, fluids, and coolants risk damage to your engine and other vehicle components.

Counterfeit front label

Counterfeit rear label – notice the misspelling at the top where it reads “Recommended by Ford Motor Comapany”?

A counterfeit oil raid conducted in 2016. In total, 2 million liters of fake oil was seized, including 500,000 liters of Ford oil and 10 rolls of counterfeit Ford labels.