Global Brand Protection


As with all OE parts, products such as VCMs and SD cards are also frequently counterfeited and fail to meet Ford’s quality standards.


The vehicle communication module (VCM) is a high performance vehicle serial communications gateway. Non-genuine VCM units have not been tested to the same Genuine Ford VCM standards for safety, quality, design, specifications, completeness or other performance characteristics prior to sale.

As you can see below, minor cosmetic differences often betray the counterfeit VCM, which is not as durable nor as capable as the Ford Genuine VCM II sold by Rotunda.

Trademark infringement is often another giveaway on counterfeit VCMs.

SD Cards

Ford Genuine SD cards are built to meet the reliability, quality and temperature demands of automotive use. Don’t entrust your files to counterfeit cards, which are often made of inferior materials that cannot withstand temperature fluctuations and daily use.

Left:  Can you spot the difference between the Genuine Ford SD card (on the left) and the counterfeit (on the right)?

Left:  Labels and SD cards seized in a counterfeit raid.